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John Adams, Timothy Andres, and Payton MacDonald 5/14/09 May 14, 2009

I heard a very good new music concert at the Disney Concert Hall last Tuesday, May 12. LA Phil has a new music series called Green Umbrella, and it was the last concert of this series in 2008-9 season. I went to this concert with my church friends, 2 couples in 70s, and they enjoyed […]

Spring Semester is Done. 5/7/09 May 7, 2009

We finished piano jury today at Occidental College. Prior to piano jury, I did a piano studio recital last night. It was a lot of fun!! We use “jury” for performance test. The students play their semester repertoire front of professors to conclude their studies. I have had wonderful 16 students in my piano studio […]

Brand Library Concert 4/20/09 April 20, 2009

I really enjoyed performing at Brand Library yesterday. It was a part of their Music Series. The recital hall is located as a part of this historic library building in the beautiful park up on Glendale Hills. I often see people take wedding photos there! My program was my on-going “A World Journey on the […]

Andras Schiff Concert 4/7/09 April 7, 2009

It was a great experience to hear Schiff’s 3 last Beethoven Sonatas in the Disney Concert Hall last Wednesday 4/1. He played Ops. 109, 110, and 111 without intermission. Even he did not take a long break between each sonata. I never thought about playing those pieces as a set, but it created a whole […]

Martha Argerich Concert 3/14/09 March 14, 2009

She has been living in my heart for many years, and I was very lucky to hear her playing this week in LA. She has canceled last 2 engagements in LA! The last time I heard her was in Houston about 10 years ago. She performed Ravel Concerto with LA Philharmonic. This piece has been […]

Spring in LA 3/10/09 March 10, 2009

I have been so busy performing and teaching so I have not been able to up-date my homepage. And I got sick! As you see in concert information I am playing many concerts in this spring. I am very happy to get these many opportunities 🙂 I started to play piano when I was 3 […]

New Semester at Occidental College! 1/28/09 January 28, 2009

I started to teach at the Occidental College last week. I have 15 wonderful students in my piano studio this semester. It is very rewarding for me to teach at this wonderful school. Some of my students are really advanced playing Schumann Concerto, Rachmaninov Preludes, Liszt “Un sospiro”— which is very exciting. On the other […]

Friendship! 1/20/09 January 27, 2009

I attended LA Phil’s party last Sunday. It was for musicians and donors. After wonderful conversation with friends, my husband and I sat down at the table with donors. We started to introduce ourselves and to chat over a wonderful food. The nice couple sitting next to me was the board member of the Occidental College […]

Sumo! 1/15/09 January 15, 2009

Hi! I am a BIG sumo fan, and January is one of 6 tournaments in a year. Each Sumo tournament lasts 15 days so today is the 6th day in this January Basho (tournament). Each match can be very short, like few seconds, but it has a DRAMA!! I know most of Rikishis (wrestlers), faces […]

Windy Days in LA 1/14/09 January 14, 2009

We are having a very dry and windy weather because we are having desert strong winds called “Santa Ana”. It gets below 10% humidity in some days with “Santa Ana”, then we get the warning of wild fire. Usually it gets hot as well so we are in 80s in January! I rehearsed with my […]