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A Movie – Departure (おくりびと) 6/8/09

June 8, 2009

I could not wait to see this movie, and I went to see it on the first day! As a Japanese I did not need the subtitle! Whenever I see Japanese movies I feel very nostalgic, and feel home sick–. The movie “Departure” made me feel it too. The relationship between a husband (a cellist turned a funeral business man) and a wife (a web designer followed her husband to live in his home town) is typical in Japan. It is quiet, and there is often not much communication, oposite of western couples(!). And eating is very important in Japan. We feel the seasons from different food we eat. We comfort each other from eating. We show our love from food–. You can see eating scenes a lot! I have attended many funerals in Japan, but I never seen the people do rituals on death. I did not care much about this ceremony, but I can share the feeling how the family members would accept their loved ones death. The expression in Japan is different than the western world, and I still do have Japanese expression—.

This movie has gotten different reviews, good and bad, but I recommend you to see it. It has many beautiful scenes from the northern part of Japan, and it depicts quiet love (it is not dramatic like Hollywood movies!). You can cry and laugh.