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Martha Argerich Concert 3/14/09

March 14, 2009

She has been living in my heart for many years, and I was very lucky to hear her playing this week in LA. She has canceled last 2 engagements in LA! The last time I heard her was in Houston about 10 years ago. She performed Ravel Concerto with LA Philharmonic. This piece has been her signature piece for many years, and it still sounded very fresh. Oh— she is an amazing pianist ever! Her beautiful sound, interesting and thoughtful voicing, power, personality, her fast passages are so crystal clear, seductive slow movement—I am moved.

I grew up listening 3 big pianists, Argerich, Pollini, and Ashkenazy. My music friends and I often discussed how great they are outside of practice rooms in Toho conservatory. I can’t remeber how many times I listened Pollini’s Chopin Etudes. I am sure I was not the only one. Unfortunately Ashkenazy has been retired from piano playing because of his arthritis. And here comes Argerich! She plays as powerful as the pianist I remember. She looks exactly the same as I remember with little bit of gray hair now.

I truly think we were lucky to have those 3 big pianits for our goal in piano when we were growing up. This week reminds me of my student era!! Now I practice with fresh mind!