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Spring Semester is Done. 5/7/09

May 7, 2009

We finished piano jury today at Occidental College. Prior to piano jury, I did a piano studio recital last night. It was a lot of fun!! We use “jury” for performance test. The students play their semester repertoire front of professors to conclude their studies. I have had wonderful 16 students in my piano studio at Occidental College this semester. I love teaching!! I love all of my students! Of course, we work mainly on music during the weekly lesson, but I often chat with students about their lives. It is difficult to say “good bye!” after the close relationship for 4 years. But I am very happy to see grown students! They start college at 18 years-old, and in 4 years they grow into a different stage. I feel very fortunate to work with students during those important 4 years.

I have several performance in May in LA, and will go to Sound Encounters in Kansas in June for teaching and performing. I always have new programs to learn!