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John Adams, Timothy Andres, and Payton MacDonald 5/14/09

May 14, 2009

I heard a very good new music concert at the Disney Concert Hall last Tuesday, May 12. LA Phil has a new music series called Green Umbrella, and it was the last concert of this series in 2008-9 season. I went to this concert with my church friends, 2 couples in 70s, and they enjoyed so much as well as I did!!

As a pianist myself,  I enjoyed Timo Andres’ piano solo piece “How can I live in your world of ideas?” performed by the composer. He is a fantastic pianist, and has a beautiful and colorful tone in his piano playing. I guess we call this piece as a minimalistic music, but it is a fusion of all great music, especially jazz influence. And it is very creative and individual. I had a chance to meet the composer, and told him I would love to play this piece! He asked my reach, and I guessed this piece requires Rachmaninov-Liszt type of big chords and leaps! He is a tall and handsome person!! And his commissioned work “Nightjar” was excellent as well.

Payton’s “Cowboy Tabla/Cowboy Raga” was an exciting and interesting piece! And again the composer was a solo player in the chamber orchestra. He is an outstanding player! One of the core ideas was the improvisatory passages, featuring himself, and players from the chamber orchestra.

They concluded with John Adams’ “Son of Chamber Symphony”. I heard the composer commented during the rehearsal that his publisher is not happy with this title. It is easy to guess, right!? It has a great use of each instrument, and of course rhythmically driven. One of my church friends keptsaying “Bravo!!” after the concert. It was a great night going out with friends and hearing an exciting music. I look forward to hearing more Timo’s music!