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New Semester at Occidental College! 1/28/09

January 28, 2009

I started to teach at the Occidental College last week. I have 15 wonderful students in my piano studio this semester. It is very rewarding for me to teach at this wonderful school. Some of my students are really advanced playing Schumann Concerto, Rachmaninov Preludes, Liszt “Un sospiro”— which is very exciting. On the other hand some are not advanced yet, but they are very enthusiastic to learn and to observe all kind of aspect in music. That is great to teach at liberal arts school. My educations are all in music schools majoring piano performance starting Art High School in Tokyo, and finishing doctorate at Rice University. It is so different at Occidental College. The students try many different areas, and decide what they would like to continue for their career. Some students take “a study abroad program” to go to different countries for a semester or a year. They have great experience in this program. One of my students, Lisa, was in Japan under this program few years ago, when I had a Japan concert tour. So I invited her to come to my concert in Tokyo!! We had an exciting time!! I try to keep a good balance between teaching and performing (and of course haveing fun!!) .