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Christian Zacharias, Chamber Music and LA Phil Concert 11/3/10 November 3, 2010

I went to listen 2 concerts on 10/26 and 10/29 at Disney Concert Hall. Christian Zacarias played Trout Piano Quintet by Schubert with LA Phil musicians, and played/conducted C. P. E. Bach Keyboard Concerto in D Minor with LA Phil. He is trully a refined pianist/conductor. His piano playing in classic style is superb, beautiful tone, sensitive phrasing, […]

A Movie – Girl who Kicked Hornet’s Nest 11/2/10 November 3, 2010

This is the final installment of Millennium Trilogy, and I needed to watch it.  Noomi Rapace has created a new heroine, Lizbeth Salander, in the 21st century, and her acting is just stunning. Without Noomi Rapace, Millennium Trilogy would’d be created. Lizbeth was a victim at first, but she fought back her enemies. And she triumphed […]

Piano Exercise Book “Pischna” 10/9/10 October 11, 2010

We need to take our cars for maintenance, we trim our hair, some people pay a lot of money for nails, and we visit a doctor’s office for physical. I use “Pischna” for my piano technique maintenance. When I was 15 years old, I met a great piano professor who told me that I needed to redo my piano technique to […]

Central America Concert Tour “Report from El Salvador” 9/26/10 September 29, 2010

After visiting Cuba, I was in El Salvador. Cuba was very hot and humid, but it was wonderful to see a blue sky and a deep blue ocean. A light shower greeted me at the El Salvador airport, and once I entered the city of San Salvador, it was slightly cold. El Salvador is the […]

Central America Concert Tour “Report from Cuba” 9/23/10 September 29, 2010

I am on a concert tour to Central America, including Cuba, El Salvador and Mexico, a part of the Culture Program of the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Embassies. I have gone to many countries in South-Central America under this culture program, but I had never been to those 3 countries. I am at the […]

Summer is officially Over 9/2/10 September 2, 2010

My school, Occidental College, started yesterday. Officially summer is over. This summer was very productive, and I had a lot of fun with friends and family. I think it was one of the best summers in the recent years. The last summer was one of the worst ones, struggling personal issues and having many nights […]

Leon Fleisher plays Ravel: Concerto for Left Hand with LA Phil at Hollywood Bowl 8/18/10 August 18, 2010

I couldn’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Fleisher, especially Ravel: Concerto for Left Hand! I went to a dress rehearsal at Hollywood Bowl last Tuesday. I did not know that anyone can listen the dress rehearsal of LA Phil on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Hollywood Bowl. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear great […]

A Movie – Invictus 8/16/10 August 16, 2010

I joined with my church friends to see this movie. This is about Nelson Mandela’s life around 1995 when the World Cup Rugby championship was held at Ellis Park, Johannesburg, in South Africa. The big success, South Africa team, Springbok, won the championship, made post-apartheid movement easier. Without much of explanation, the relationship between Mandela […]

A Movie – Dinner for Schmucks 8/8/10 August 8, 2010

This was a very enjoyable movie, but also tells a truth in our lives. Steve Carell (Barry) is a genius actor, and the unique characters surrounded him are all great, Darla, Therman, Kieran, Julie, Tim…  I am always amazed by the imagination of writers and painters, but look! What those actors and actresses can do. Each […]

Home Made “Rose Water” 7/26/10 July 26, 2010

I experimented to make a rose water this year. I read that people in the old days used this rose water as a perfume. We need fresh roses. It is pity to pick up perfect roses from the garden… I combined rose peddles with vodka in a jar, 1:1, and leave it in the jar […]