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Central America Concert Tour “Report from El Salvador” 9/26/10

September 29, 2010

After visiting Cuba, I was in El Salvador. Cuba was very hot and humid, but it was wonderful to see a blue sky and a deep blue ocean. A light shower greeted me at the El Salvador airport, and once I entered the city of San Salvador, it was slightly cold.

El Salvador is the same as most of Central-South American countries, governed by Spain for a long time, and El Salvador made the independency in 1823. But for the next 60 years, they had gone through civil wars, and the wars against Honduras and Nicaragua. The country was never settled. Coffee business became in demand in European countries, and in El Salvador, “14 coffee families” became very rich and powerful. Eventually they became cores of El Salvador in politics and businesses. Sadly, this movement created the poverty and people in a lower class started to protest. They finally gained a power and started a new government, but it is not the end. El Salvador has been facing to constant civil wars. In 1984, the left party gained majority in the government, and they promised to control the country’s unsettlement, but they couldn’t. In 1991, finally the right party made a peace treaty to calm down the country’s long struggle. Again it is not the end. In 2009, new left party won the election. Since then the government has been trying to change the system, and reform the education including music and arts.

The Japanese Ambassador invited me for a special dinner with El Salvador’s culture attache. The arts and music education has been abandoned for many years in El Salvador, and they have been trying to establish a new system. Planning is in progress. El Salvador government was hoping my concert would be an inspiration and motivation to create a new arts and music educational system. Fortunately, my concerts were received by an enthusiasm. The audience was very passionate in both San Salvador and Santa Ana.

For the encores, I played  “Sakura Sakura”, and El Salvador’s folk tunes. The audience got so excited when they heard their folk tunes. I was so glad! I will be traveling to Mexico tomorrow. Mexico will be my last stop on this tour.