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Chopin in Paris: The Life and Times of the Romantic Composer by Tad Szulc

October 4, 2023

I am in the midst of “Chopin Project”, and I have been trying to learn about him from different perspectives. This book provides interesting points of views on the composer. It goes through not only Chopin but also his friends and most importantly the life of George Sand. Sometimes it is a bit confusing that the author writes about her much more than Chopin! Yes, it is important to know about her, but it is a Chopin book. It has been a controversial argument, Sand destroyed Chopin, or Sand took care of Chopin.. To me it is very clear if Chopin was not with her, some of the greatest Romantic works were not born.

It is fun to read about the stories around Chopin and Sand though the stories are sometimes repetitive. It is a good book to have if you are a Chopin fan!