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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch 9/26/16

September 26, 2016

I joined Highland Park Book Club this month and this is their choice for September. I tend to read Japanese books, mainly I am familiar with the authors, but I wanted to explore American literature. It is an entertaining book, that is sure. I told in the book club meeting this book is like music. It goes slow, fast, getting loud and getting soft. It is exciting. The main topic is a science fiction, but the theme is to search “Happiness”. It is twisty, violent, affectionate…. All of us have this big question in our lives, what if I chose a different school? different partner? different job? All of us constantly are forced to choose one out of some choices daily. Which route to take? then accident? One book club member commented that the geography in Chicago is not accurate in this book (!). Anyway it is a fun book to read! Blake Crouch is a talented author.