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Remembering Horowitz: 125 Pianists Recall a Legend by David Dubal Schirmer Book 1/9/2014

January 9, 2014

This book has been in my list to read for several years and finally I had a chance to read during this past Christmas break. He is HOROWITZ! Of course, all of us grew up listening Horowitz, and have explored his special sound. I was curious to know how the first class pianists think about Horowitz, and their opinions satisfied me in many ways. Some pianists have studied with Horowitz personally, and have seen his private life closely. Some heard him only from his concerts, and got great impression. Most of them are positive, but some are negative toward him. There are so many interesting anecdotes in this book. My story with Horowitz is that I had a chance to play on his famous piano when it was circulating in the U. S. after he passed away. I still remember I was nervous and excited to touch and feel his special piano, and tried to hear his sound. He will live in his legacy forever.