Book Reviews (マイブック評)

The World of Music According to Starker  Janos Starker           Indiana University Press    7/20/13

July 20, 2013

I read this book on the way to Japan, and during my traveling in Japan. It is truly a fun book. As you know, Starker was one of the very very best cellists of our time. He passed away several months ago. I love his recordings. I never heard his live performance, but I once heard him playing live on the radio, maybe 12 years ago… It was one of “Fingers from Hell” Popper pieces, and was really perfect! Also I recently heard him playing with his young student on “From The Top” radio show, and it was very nice to hear a wonderful teacher-student duet. His memoir spans from his youth years in Hungary to the current time in US. He has so many stories to tell us, and it is just fun to read them. He has so many fantastic musician friends personally and professionally. He is no longer living on the earth, but he left excellent recordings for us to keep listening Starker.