Book Reviews (マイブック評)

Indivisible by Four: A String Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony by Arnold Steinhardt 5/28/10

May 28, 2010

Dear Mr. Steinhardt,

I just finished your book, and I am still very moved and touched. Your book gave me tear, giggle, and smile. You wrote a wonderful book. Toward the end of the book, you talk about Schubert “Death and the Maiden” quartet.  So I pulled the music out of the bookshelf, and played the score as I read. FYI: I am a pianist. As I heard the harmony, moving voices, and melody lines which you describe in the book, it seemed the spirit of Schubert came down to my Southern California house, and the tear came down on my cheek. I have heard many string quartets in my life, but it is the first time to really think about the greatness of this special art, “String Quartet”. I am a bit jealous. I can’t be in string quartet, but I can play with the string quartet.

The beauty of the friendship and musicianship in Guarneri String Quartet is the center of this book, and it drew me into your book. So I lost keeping track to practice my own pieces. It is time to get back to what I have to do. Again thank you for writing this wonderful book for us! I listened Guarneri String Quartet’s Beethoven collection while I was reading your book.