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A Movie “Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) ” by Woody Allen

January 11, 2021

Woody Allen has made 8 wonderful films with Diane Keaton. Keaton said ” He just has a mind nobody else”. It is one of them and the movie was filmed in New York! Of Course! Larry Lipton (Woody Allen) and his wife, Carol (Diane Keaton), are adjusting to a new life together with their son away at college. Then one day, they meet their older neighbors, Lillian House (Lynn Cohen), and her husband, Paul (Jerry Adler). Soon after Larry and Carol met their neighbor, they heard that Lillian suddenly passed away. Carol grows suspicious of the circumstances (We have to remember she is struggling the empty nest situation), and comes to believe Paul may have killed her. She eventually convince Larry to join her to be Manhattan detectives! This film is a typical Woody Allen, a full of irony and sarcasm. I love it!!