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Uplifting Words for Us Today 11/8/20

November 8, 2020

Psalm 98:4-6

You raise your hand and gently begin
the concerto of creation:
birds carry the melody while stars keep the beat; mountains dance in merriment
and little children clap their hands with joy.
Love’s Composer, our new songs are lifted to you.

The old, old song is made new in our hearts:
Christ is Risen! Sing Alleluia!
You invite us to sing to a world deafened by despair and haunted by the tunes of fear.
Lord of the Dance, our new songs are lifted to you.

Believing we cannot carry a tune,
we hesitate to join in the chorus of praise
sung by all creation.
So, you softly and gently hum the melody in our hearts until they burst with you, raising a rousing chorus
of Amazing Grace.

Music-making Spirit, our new songs are lifted to you. Every song, old and new, is offered to you, O God.


When J. S. Bach was satisfied with a piece of music, he wrote the letters SDG at the bottom of the page – Soli Deo Gloria -For the Glory of God Alone.