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Frühlingstraum (Dream of Spring) from Winterreise 5/1/20

May 1, 2020

I have been practicing Franz Schubert: Sonata D 664, and started to hear this song whenever I play the last movement. They share the same feeling. The text is by Wilhelm Müller and it is very beautiful. Schubert is a word painter, and surely this song by itself shows his incredible talent. Of course, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gerald Moore are my first choice to listen any German lieder. It is May 1st and you will be enjoying this poem (translated in English). We can dream even in the difficult time.

Dream of Spring

I dreamt of bright flowers
that blossom in May;
I dreamt of green meadows
and merry bird-calls.
And when the cocks crowed
my eyes awoke:
it was cold and dark,
ravens cawed from the roof.
But there, on the window panes,
who had painted the leaves?
Are you laughing at the dreamer
who saw flowers in winter?
I dreamt of mutual love,
of a lovely maiden,
of embracing and kissing,
of joy and rapture.
And when the cocks crowed
my heart awoke;
now I sit here alone
and reflect upon my dream.
I close my eyes again,
my heart still beats so warmly.
Leaves on my window, when will you turn green?
When shall I hold my love in my arms?