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Movie “Honeyland” 8/26/19

August 26, 2019

It is a sad and heartbreaking documentary movie, but shows a dignity, sublimity, and tenderness in human’s life. Hatidze Muratova is apparently the last of Macedonia’s nomadic beekeepers, who uses an ancient method. This movie does not tell us too much. It gives us moment to imagine, feel and think. We hear constantly bees’ buzzing and see a beautiful nature in mountains. Hatidze sticks her bare hands into natural stone nests and sing old folk songs to her buzzing swarms. She sings so beautifully. So innocent! Joy and Happiness.. Her face is weathered and weepy living in nature. But her eyes are always so bright and curious. She takes care of her half-blind 86-year-old mother. They chat like any other mother-daughter does. Their small house has no electricity, no water. The mother talks about Hatidze’s marriage possibility. She laments that her daughter has become a burden to her.. But she goes on.

When Hussein Sam, his wife, and their seven kids drive into Muratova’s neck of the woods with a herd of their cattle, the life of solitude and peace is changed. Hatidze was wondering at first, but she starts to enjoy their accompany. She accepts them. She plays with kids, she teaches Sam a beekeeping business and they start to share their lives together. She always stresses to Sam that she only takes half of the honey that’s produced by each hive, as that ensures the bees will survive and be able to produce more later. That sustained harmony is more valuable to Muratova than the extra few Euro she could earn by taking every drop of honey. That is what she has been doing all her life. That is what she believes. But Hussein has 7 kids and 2 adults to feed. He struggles. He breaks a harmony… He is desperate. So you know what comes next. But Hatidze never loses dignity. And she never forgets to enjoy her life even when she does not have almost anything. I could not stand quickly after the movie was over. I felt very heavy in my mind. I fully recommend this movie.