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A Movie: Exhibition on Screen “Rembrandt from the National Gallery, London, and Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam” 6/9/19

June 9, 2019

This is one of my favorite nights at the movie theater, ‘The Exhibition on Screen”. This exhibition focuses on the highlights from the final years of Rembrandt’s life, commonly thought to be his finest years. The masterpieces he produced during this final period could be called his defining works, with each piece so soulful, sincere, and honest that they helped sculpt our idea of Rembrandt as a human-being and as an artist. 350 years after his death the film explores each of the exhibition’s key works, through contributions from specially invited guests including excellent curators and leading art historians. Rembrandt was one of the most celebrated painters in Europe, rich and famous, but later in his life he struggled with so much difficulties and went down to debts. His relationship with his wife and 2 lovers, who contributed to heavy problems in the society, is also discussed throughly in the movie. But the film is not only concerned with his misery. Rembrandt freed himself from society’s expectations and pleasing patrons.