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A Movie “Non-Fiction” (French Title: Doubles vies ) 5/26/19

May 26, 2019

The French title “Double Lives” describes this movie better than “Non-Fiction”. A celebrated publisher, Alain, runs a famous publishing company. One day he refuses to publish a book by a controversial author, Léonard. They are friends! Alain’s company adapts to the digital age. From there the story will start slowly and go around their circle of friends, their wives and husbands. They get together often and discuss a lot whether the discussion would hurt their own friends or not. They must say their opinion. (my French teacher once said French people must say their opinion even though it will hurt people’s feeling) The discussion seems a sport! And affairs are happening in this small circle and they carry their “Double Lives”. It is not triangle! It can be hexagon or more! Léonard writes about his own affairs for his books, and gradually he becomes vague between real and fictional. I thought it could be more witty, romantic and clever….