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A Movie “Être et Avoir” 5/5/19

May 5, 2019

It is a 2002 French documentary film. The title translates as “to be and to have”, the two auxiliary verbs in the French language which I have been studying. It portrays a primary school in the commune (population of about 200) of Saint-Êtienne-sur-Usson, Puy-de-Dôme, France. The school has one small class room for mixed ages, from four to twelve years old, with a dedicated teacher, Mr Lopez. He is patient, calm, loving and gentle. He listens the children with respect. The camera follows their stories through a single school year. There are a lot of tears and laughter. The families of those children and Mr. Lopez are very close. They can’t hide a secret. They try to talk through their problems and struggles. And there is always beautiful nature, whether with snow or flowers. Each student has their own thought and sometimes they fight, but Mr. Lopez does not let problems and conflicts sitting around. He always talks to students and tries to get their emotions out. Humanity… Preciousness.. I know after the movie release Mr. Lopez sued the film maker and lost his claim, and unfortunately the movie carries this negative side. But children are always sincere. And Mr. Lopez is an inspiring teacher. Je suit tombé amoureuse de ce film. Did I make a good sentence, Mr. Lopez?