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Beethoven Piano Sonata Op. 78 “Therese” 3/25/19

March 25, 2019

This sonata has been living in the special part of my heart since I first learned. Actually I learned it when I was in high school, and the first day I started to study I was totally attracted and mesmerized. What a charm, how tender and sweet… and humor too! And there is no conflict and agony even though Beethoven was going through a very difficult time. The 4 bars of the introduction is amazingly warmhearted and amiable. You almost feel the warm sunlight in the early spring time. Nothing to worry. Nothing to be distressed. The flowers are starting to bloom. There is a path to the loving future and hope. Then the 1st theme starts at the bar 5. It is effortless. The beautiful melody flows so naturally. Throughout the 1st movement there are a lot of loving conversations, never an argument. F sharp Major continues to the 2nd movement. Now we are in vivace. The rondo theme is very delightful. We can’t stop smiling while we play this movement! The rondo theme develops with a variety of notations and ranges. The other theme (theme B) is very interesting, as if a man (bass line) and a lady (soprano line) are playing around! The bass line plays legato phase while the soprano line plays jumpy and playful phrase. Or they are following each other, alternating the same 2 notes! Beethoven was suffering more and more difficulty with his hearings, but when he is with his music his mind goes through wonderful imagination. He is a great story-teller. Recently I rekindled with “Therese” and my heart is filled with full of affection.