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Music Performance! Subjective? Objective? 2/24/19

February 25, 2019

I played Beethoven Piano Sonata Concert last week. I was deeply moved by Beethoven’s mind during my performance. Op. 109 is one of my favorite sonatas. I have already written about my thought on this piece. We can feel Beethoven’s tender mind in Op. 109. The last movement is written in variation form, and at the end of the piece the opening theme comes back for a closure. It is very comforting. This opening theme is very meditative. During the concert after the finale of the variations (this finale is a “Praise God” moment, and we hear angels singing and trumpet playing) when the opening theme came back, tears came down on my cheek. Beethoven took me to a different zone. After I played the last note I could not get back to the real world (!) for a while. I try to have a balance between “Subjective” and “Objective”, but I often forget! I feel so fortune to be a musician and to have a free mind.