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A Movie “Science Fair” 10/1/18

October 1, 2018

What an energy!! Being young is just wonderful! The film picked 9 brilliant high school students from all over the world to follow their path to come to ISEF (The International Science and Engineering Fair). I really did not know anything about ISEF! It is a huge event. And many high schoolers think ISEF is the key point to be accepted by the good universities. 1700 students are selected from 78 different countries to come to the fair. Each student has different back ground, financially and ethnically. But their goal is to win the BEST in the fair which comes with $75,000 cash prize with many awards. All 1700 students are amazingly smart and quirky! And they work very very hard to prepare for the poster presentation in front of the distinguished judges. They are nervous. They are excited. It is a wonderful film. And it is very entertaining!