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Sir Andras Schiff at Disney Concert Hall 4/10/18

April 11, 2018

It has been for few years since his last appearance in Los Angeles and all of us were looking forward to attending the concert. This time Sir Andras is traveling with Bosendorfer and his piano technician. His program was all of my favorite including Brahms’ late works, ops. 117, 118, and 119. I have treasured those pieces for years. When we hear Sir Andras’ concert we almost forget there is piano. Of course he plays piano in the highest possible way, but piano almost does not matter. He plays music. He tells story. He shares his imagination with us. He sings. He plays piano in this very special way. His soul is there. And he enjoys every moment. It was so wonderful to see him in the backstage. I am honored to know him. He is truly inspirational. He plays piano the way no one can do. He played Capriccio by J. S. Bach for the encore. So perfect! The story continued from Beethoven’s Les Adieux. Archduke is back, but Johann Jacob Bach is leaving town! I love Capriccio (on the departure of a beloved brother). I think this is one of the oldest programmatic music for keyboard… J. S. and his friends cheer for his departure with postillion’s horn in the last movement because it was not the eternal good-bye.

I am heading to my music journey to Iowa tomorrow. I will perform at University of Iowa and teach master class. My program includes Schumann’s Davidsbundlertanze, op. 6. I hope to play with full of emotion while depicting Robert and Clara’s affection, jokes, fun, melancholy, silliness…. I also will play Liszt, Piazzolla and some of my favorite Japanese composers. This concert is partially supported by the Japan Foundation. It will be refreshing to be in the colder weather!! I look forward to visiting Iowa.