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Learning American Culture from TV 4/26/18

April 26, 2018

When I was a child I loved to watch American dramas on TV. Especially I liked “Bewitched”! But amazingly the Japanese title translated from English title was “My wife is a witch”. It already shows the huge culture gaps! I thought Samantha was beautiful and Darrin was a kind and gentle husband. Their house looked humongous and all of furniture looked so pretty (Japanese houses are known to be compact and simple)! Their kid, Tabitha, was so cute (contrast to us, Japanese kids!). The show basically made a huge impact on me. Years passed I arrived in US and one of the first TV dramas I watched was “Roseanne”. OMG! Where did my dream American family go?? It was too REAL! I watched “Wheel of Fortune” because I did not need to understand English much! Pat Sejak and Vanna! I actually learned English from this show! Now I live in American house happily with Japanese mind! I heard “Roseanne” is back on TV. Very interesting! I may not watch this time.