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Bernstein “Mass” with Dudamel and LA Phil 2/3/18

February 3, 2018

Bernstein himself arranged 3 meditations from “Mass” for cello and piano, and I have played it for several occasions. Now things make more sense to me after attending the dress rehearsal of “Mass” at Disney Concert Hall with Dudamel, LA Phil, LA Master Chorale, LA Children’s Chorus, UCLA Wind Ensemble Players (marching band), 22 singers, 7 dancers, and 158 props and 6 stage set pieces! It is totally extravaganza! Bernstein composed ‘Mass” in 1971 in the time of confusion in America. He combined avant-garde attitude, rock band, Broadway style songs and music, organ and electric keyboards, and so many effects and craziness! From the first note I was mesmerized by the massiveness and saturated stage! There are so much to observe simultaneously. Bernstein is of course so genius to create this new approach in music, using “Mass” (religious service) to voice out the struggle in the society. The production is just amazing, so colorful and so much energy! I loved it! Also all of musicians and singers are fantastic.  But once the excitement is receding we start to listen music more closely, every note and every word. And we will face to ourselves, “What is this??” This massiveness is so related to the saturated society where we live currently. Where is the truth?