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Christmas Prayer with “Christmas Night” by John Rutter 12/25/17

December 25, 2017

Softly through the winter’s darkness shines a light,

Clear and still in Bethlehem on Christmas Night

Round the stable where a virgin mother mild

Watches over Jesus Christ the holy child.


Shepherds kneel in adoration by his bed,

Seraphim in glory hover round his head.

Wise men, guided by the leading of a star,

Bring him gifts of precious treasure from afar.


Choirs of angels sing to greet his wondrous birth:

Christ our Lord in human form comes down to earth.

“Glory to God in highest heav’n” their joyful strain,

“Peace on earth, goodwill to all” the glad refrain.


Lullaby! the child lies sleeping: sing lullaby!

Safe in Mary’s tender keeping: sing lullaby!

Guardian angels keep their watch till break of day:

Lullaby! sweet Jesus sleeps among the hay.


Alleluia! let the earth rejoice today!

Christ is born to take our sins and guilt away.

Praise the Lord who sent him down from heav’n above.

Holy infant, born of God the Father’s love.