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A Movie “Lost in Paris” (Paris pieds nus) 7/9/17

July 9, 2017

It is the best summer movie! I truly enjoyed every moment. If you are happy now you should see it so that you will be merrier. If you are less happy you should also see it so that you will be really happy. It is my first experience to see the movie by Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon. They write, direct and act. And they are lovers in the real life! I love their witty humor, quirky imagination, unrealistic reality, mindful silliness, energetic craziness …. It is just so FUN! And it is a sophisticated one! Fiona (Gordon) lives in a small town in Canada as a librarian, but her orderly life is suddenly interrupted by the letter from her 88years-old aunt, Martha (Emmanuelle Riva) who has been living in Paris. She asks for Fiona’s help. Fiona awkwardly responds to it and left the town for Paris. Then the story “Lost in Paris” starts! She will meet Dom (Abel) and whimsical things happen one after another! It is a MUST movie.