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Movie “After the Storm” (original Title in Japanese 海よりもまだ深く)3/29/17

March 29, 2017

This movie is showing at Laemmle now. Hirokazu Kore-eda, a famous Japanese movie director and writer, did it again! I really enjoyed “Like Father, Like Son” (original Japanese title そして父になる)and I like this new one more than the last one. This movie depicts Japanese gentle mind and soul. During the movie I wanted to scream “It is real Japan!!” The theme of the film is that “you can’t always have the life you want, or be who you want to be”. But Japanese don’t fight back. We accept quietly and strongly. The main character is the prize winning author, but currently is a private detective and a gamble addict. He has one son, and he loves him dearly, but he has no money to support him (he is divorced). Little house, Tight-knit Family, Tea and Cakes and Crackers, Trains and Buses in the life in Tokyo, etc.. I am still feeling homesick. If you want to know about Japanese and Japan you should watch this movie. I cried during the movie.