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A Movie “Renoir – Revered and Reviled” 7/26/16

July 28, 2016

I got Renoir’s Collection Book when I was pretty young. I enjoyed turning the pages to see pretty colors and scenes, but I always did not understand why those ladies were so big.. Anyway time has passed. I have been seeing his real paintings at museums around the world and continue to like them. It is a very interesting movie focusing on the new points (to me, at least). For instance I did not know Renoir influenced on Picasso and Matisse. It seemed to me their paintings are so apart from Renoir’s. Based on the remarkable Renoir collection at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia Renoir’s late works (for instance those big ladies in bathing scenes) are examined in this movie. Some people think they are seductive (it may be true)  and those ladies have no brain.. (it is a matter of opinion). Renoir lived in the height of impressionism. The movie constantly play Faure and Debussy’s piano and vocal music and the music gives a great imagination. I like those lecture documentaries. I learn and take what I like and I ignore what I don’t like!