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The Izakaya “Kinjiro” in Little Tokyo, LA 5/9/16

May 9, 2016

I have been trying to go to this restaurant for a long time. It is not easy to make a reservation. Finally I got it, and so my Dream Came True! I am still thinking about what we ate that night. Every dish was just fantastic. They surprised me with unique combination of taste. For instance, Wasabi Potato Salad! It was so gentle and tender taste, but there is a hint of wasabi kick! The different taste does not fight, they melt each other and make a deep taste. Thick-cut Prime Beef Tongue with sea salt is grilled, and it has an amazing taste. This dish completely changed my imagination of tongue..  It is tender and juicy! Agedashi-Tofu is a very traditional Japanese Izakaya menu food and I am sure I have eaten over 500 agedashi-tofu in my life. Kinjiro totally surprised me again! It came with a round big dish. The tofu is also round sitting in the middle surrounded by the mushroom sauce. It was so tasty 🙂 I am sure I was smiling all the time. We had total of 6 dishes and every one got A++++! They have a good sake menu which I love too. Kinjiro became my most favorite restaurant in LA! I can’t wait to go back.