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Sir Andras Schiff and LA Phil Concert 10/26/15

October 26, 2015

Sir Andras Schiff conducted LA Phil from piano for Mozart concerto No. 25, and conducted Haydn Mass in C major in the second half. In Mozart he created his own cadenza with musical quote (!). I think the night I went was French Anthem “La Marsellaise”! How fun! As always his tone and timber is just gorgeous and his interpretation is improvisatory. It is so fresh and lively. It is never stiff. And Sir Schiff and 4 solo singers/LA Master Chorale gave us a post concert. Sir Schiff explained that he would like to create “Schubertiade” in Disney Concert Hall. The collaboration between Sir Schiff and solo singers were just great! I understand they are regular collaborators! Their musical conversation was so smooth, fun, lively, and inspiring. With this post concert, we experienced a kind of “period style performance”. The concert used to consist many portions, solo, chamber music, singers, symphonies.. For instance Beethoven premiered Piano concerto No. 4, Choral Fantasy, and I believe 2 symphonies altogether for about 3 hours in one night! They surely made Disney Hall like someone’s living room!! And it was wonderful to hear how they recited the lyrics. I truly enjoyed the entire evening! I look forward for Sir Schiff’s next visit to LA.

2015 October With Sir Andras Schiff after the fantastic concert!