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Sir András Schiff “The Last Sonatas” Concert in Disney Concert Hall 3/4/15

March 5, 2015

Sir Schiff chose to perform the late sonatas by Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Schubert. I just performed all Schubert program a night before this concert, and I was in a perfect mood. The first piece was Mozart sonata in B-flat major, K. 570. As a good piano student (!), I played this one when I was quite young. And time to time I have taught this one for my students. From the first B-flat octave, the piece sounded so different from the one I knew. Every note and every phrase was so beautiful and singing under Sir Schiff’s fingers. His tone color, imagination and voicing gave me smile. I did not have music with me, but I am sure he added some ornamentations here and there. Then Op. 110 by Beethoven. He created a heaven in the opening arpeggio phrases. Amazing beauty and colorful tone…. Again he brought up very interesting voicing which I never thought there is in Op. 110. As always Sir Schiff seems so relaxed on the stage as if he is in his living room. He enjoys playing music. He played D major Sonata Hob. XVI:51 by Haydn after the intermission. He created a great deal of humor! E-flat major and C major sonatas are played often, but not this one. It is a small scale sonata with 2 movements. He finished the concert with Schubert A major , D. 959. He played with Schubert’s beautiful soul. He played some slow phrases as if he is accompanying a singer. I could hear the voice behinds it… Sir Schiff makes piano a different instrument. I visited a back stage after the concert, and he was so nice to chat with me. Today I played Haydn’s sonatas, and I definitely would like to bring back D major Hob. XVI 37.  I look forward for Sir Schiff’s next visit in October.