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LA Opera: The Ghosts of Versailles 2/19/15

February 20, 2015

I went to see LA opera: The Ghosts of Versailles by John Corigliano and William M. Hoffman on Wednesday February 18, and it was just great! The story is very silly and non-sense, but it is so fun. And I was so impressed by the staging. It is so colorful and imaginative. I am sure it costs a fortune to make this extravagant stage and costumes. I guess that is one of the reasons this opera is not played often. Of course, singers are just fantastic. This opera requires a big cast, including ghosts, and simply I can’t name everybody. The highlight is Patti LuPone’s Samira. You MUST see her. Also Guanqun Yu’s Rosina is impressive. Yu has seamless and pure voice, and she sings effortlessly. She has a big future. Figaro is done by Lucas Meachem, and he has a perfect character and stage presence for it. I am so glad I went.