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A Movie “Mr. Turner” 1/18/15

January 18, 2015

I always like the paintings of Turner, and it was so interesting to see this movie to learn about the famous painter! First of all the film is so beautiful as if the whole movie is like Turner’s paintings. Also the music is great too. I was so happy to see the individual names of the musicians who played in this movie. I am often very disappointed when the movie credit does not include musicians. That is almost an insult to the musicians.. Mr. Turner is very eccentric and sensitive, and shy to express himself in the world outside of paintings. He lives in his imagination. He seeks love, but he often does not know how to address. I read about him after the movie, and the movie is really based on the true life of Turner (with some fictional moments). If I can make a little criticism, I think there were too many hours of films and it seems the director could not decide how much to cut. That is why some of the scenes are not connected to the next because some of the scenes did not have a conclusion, and abruptly went to the next scene. If you like his paintings you must see this movie!