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Summer at the New House in LA 7/2/14

July 2, 2014

It has been for 10 days since we moved into the new house. As you imagine, the moving is not easy! From the time to start sorting and getting rid of many many things (at least dozen trips to Goodwill and one big pick up from Salvation Army) to the actual moving, it has been a long journey. But now, I wake up and go to bed with the beautiful view, and feel the nice air moving around the house. We enjoy the relaxing moment at the patio for dinner. It is so nice to go outside to enjoy the view and the open space at the break from practicing. Everything is so close to this location so that I don’t need to drive more than 3 miles to most of daily places. Things are almost settled so that I can go back to my real life (as a musician, not a mover). This house is inspiring, and great for gathering. I am looking forward for this new page in my life.