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Debussy: L’Isle joyeuse and Rain… 3/1/14

March 1, 2014

Los Angeles has been having a big rain. The city is not made for rain so anytime we have some rain it causes some troubles. Anyway, I was practicing Debussy’s L’Isle joyouse in my piano studio at Occidental College yesterday. I love my studio there. The building is historic (I discovered many century old sheet music during my recent cleaning ups in this studio) and very cozy. As I was practicing L’Isle joyouse, which is associated with composer’s flight with Emma Bardac to the isle of Jersey and portraits their new love affair, the rain outside was getting harder and harder. I was so inspired and so excited to play this piece. It was rare experience to have. The music and the sound of rain was going together to make a huge crescendo toward the climactic moment in the piece. So fun!!