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Sir. András Schiff’s Monumental Concert at Disney Concert Hall 10/24/13

October 24, 2013

Sir. Schiff concluded his Bach Project on Sunday October 20 in LA. His program was J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations. I have listened his CD recordings for many many times when I was studying Goldberg Variations, and finally I got the chance to hear the live performance. I was so looking forward to this opportunity. As always, he does not use any pedal in Bach’s music, yet he keeps beautiful legato and resonant sound in piano playing. He brings great characters from each variation, in both Bach and Beethoven. He was having a wonderful time playing piano on the stage as if he was in his living room. He was so relaxed and enjoying great music making. His music is always so spontaneous and fresh, never stays in one place. Of course, he has an amazing technique to make things possible. (In Variation 30 “Quodlibet” from Goldberg, Sir. Schiff gave me a clear picture of Bach’s family having a fun evening together with drink and food. Variation 26 was so beautiful and elegant.) How could he stay so energetic to perform those huge works back to back?? His encore was the last movement from Beethoven’s Op. 111. How perfect…. I visited Sir. Schiff in the back stage after the concert. He was very nice, and let me take a photo with him (please see photo gallery). He is inspirational and is truly my music hero forever.