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A Movie “Blue Jasmine” 8/23/13

August 23, 2013

It is a fantastic movie. Woody Allen has made another excellent movie with Cate Blanchett’s exceptional acting. Blanchett is Jasmine. All of casts are so special, Alec Baldwin as her husband, Hal, Sally Hawkins as Jasmine’s sister, Ginger, Bobby Cannavale as Ginger’s fiancé, Luis C. K. as Al, Ginger’s lover, Andrew Dice Clay as Augie, Ginger’s ex-husband, Peter Sarsgaard as Dwight Westlake, wealthy educated politician ……. It is in many ways very sad and real. Jasmine can’t get out from her back ground which she is an adapted child, and has been living in an illusion. She lies, and her husband lies. She loves FANCY, and her husband could provide her a faked rich life. Hal was exposed as a crooked financier, and goes to a prison. She moves into her “Looser” sister. She can’t face to the reality, and she takes drugs to go through the difficulty. Everything is not real. Finally she becomes a homeless… Cate Blanchett portraits this mentally ill person with the maximum possibility. This is a Must See movie.