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6th Performance of Goldberg Variations in Japan and Travel Through the Country 8/3/13

August 3, 2013

I came back to LA from the trip in Japan, the longest stay in Japan for many years. I spent about 3 weeks there. The concert was at the church in Odate City where I played at my teacher’s studio recitals at the age of 5 to 8. Odate City is my second home town in Japan after Tokyo. My family spent about 3 and a half year there due to my dad’s work when I was little. My piano teacher from Odate organized this concert for me. It is so fortunate that I have kept a great relationship with her after we left that city. She is so kind. Of course, we had a lot to catch up. After the concert, I came back to Tokyo and met with my husband to travel through Japan, Nagoya for Grand Sumo Tournament (I am a huge fan of Sumo), Kyoto for Gion Matsuri Festival and temples/shrines, Hiroshima for Miya-jima and Kintai-Kyo Bridge, Kanazawa for Kenroku-en Park, Noto Peninsula, Shirakawa-go, and Hida-Takayama, and Tokyo for Kamakura, family and friends gatherings. I uploaded photos from this trip in Photo section of this web page. It was my first experience to travel through Japan, and it reminded me of our amazing history, culture, beautiful sites and nature, and food-culture.

Right after I came back to LA, I heard many excellent students at SYMF for 2 days. I was impressed by their dedication to music and piano. Some of them have big future in music, and I look forward to hearing their performance again. I did not touch piano for 2 weeks during traveling so I have been on rehab for my fingers. I will perform a short piece for my church’s worship service tomorrow.