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A Movie “Frances Ha” 6/22/13

June 22, 2013

It is a real “Must See” movie. The director is Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig is on the main character “Frances”. It is all about Frances, it means Greta Gerwig’s amazing acting. I understand now Baumbach and Gerwig are a couple, and they co-produced this movie. They wanted to film this movie in their familiar locations, like the college Baumback went. This movie is witty, fun, emotional, and exciting, and tells the truth in our lives. It is not easy to be a grown-ups! I went through, and I may not be fully grown yet (!). Frances is so naïve and sincere. She is 27, but still lives in her youthful dream with joy and happiness. Greta Gerwig is, to me, a new style of actress. Her expression is somewhat different than the other actress’. How many times I was telling to Frances “Don’t make a same mistake!! You will be heart broken again.. Oh, no! Please control yourself. No more drinking, OK!!…” I think all of music majors, especially who are in the big name music conservatories, must see this movie. You will know why I am saying this after you watch the movie. Bravo! to Greta and Noah!