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A Movie “Renoir” 4/8/13

April 8, 2013

It is truly a beautiful movie, especially scenes in French Riviera and colorful and stylish costumes for actresses. The costumes may not be exactly period designs, but I loved them! “Renoir”, directed by Gilles Bourdos, is set in 1915 during WWI. The drama is about the story around a famous impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and his middle son, Jean, with the last model of elder Renoir, Andree. The elder Renoir was facing unavoidable health decline, but Andree’s appearance gave him a new energy and inspiration. The story continues in beautiful French countryside, with a free spirited beautiful Andree, Jean’s love to Andree, Andree’s love to jean, an elder Renoir’s endless motivation to paint, maids who serve to elder Renoir with passion and love, the third son of Renoir’s peculiar behavior….. I just came back from France, and it was so nice to feel “French” in this movie. Being sons of a celebrated painter they grew up around their father’s nude models and their relationship with the painter.

Excellent acting, beautiful camera work…..I enjoyed this movie so much!