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Eotvos Festival in LA 1/20/13

January 30, 2013

Peter Eotvos (b. 1944) is a Hungarian composer, very well known in Europe, but not much in the US. So it was a great opportunity for us to hear his music in different settings. I went to his opera “Angeles in America”, premiered in Paris in 2004, and it was performed at LA Phil’s Green Umbrella series on January 15. The synopsis is based on the play “Angeles in America: A Gay Fantasie on National Themes” written by Tony Kushner.  The story is around AIDS epidemic, and depicts the relationship between guys. The music is strong, very strong, and the text is effective going along with music. The cast on this production is fantastic. That same week, Midori performed Eotvos’ violin concerto : DoReMi written for her to celebrate her 30th year on stage. It was a part of LA Phil’s subscription concerts, along with Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite and Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. The conductor for both concerts was Pablo Heras-Casado. I truly enjoyed his music making. As you see, DoReMi is re-arranged from the name “Midori” And the notes of Do Re Mi are used efficiently and effectively in this piece. Midori played with great energy. She is still Midori, and she will be Midori as we have known her for marvelous playing. She is known to be a workaholic person, starting her day at 6am, teaching, practicing , and performing, traveling… for all day, every day. How can she sustain in her super jammed schedule? She is an inspiring musician to many people. I had a wonderful time with Eotvos’ music in LA.