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Bach and Beethoven, and new semester at school 1/30/13

January 30, 2013

I decided to bring back “J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations” in this spring, and have been reworking it. This time, I won’t use any pedal so I needed to rethink about the fingerings. Now I really enjoy playing Bach without pedal, and actually I can’t imagine to use it again. The sound is so pure and honest, and somewhat it is more fun to play. First time when I was learning Goldberg in 2011 I was so stressed about playing this monumental work, a 70+minutes long piece without break. I was so worried. But this time, I am, of course, more relaxed, and purely enjoying this amazing music. I like to bring out different stories and characters from each variation. I am still convinced this is the piece I would like to take if I have to go to an isolated island. I find Bach’s humor and mischievous attitude, and it gives me smile. I enjoy French and Italian hands crossing even though it never be easy. I like to hear the different voices, and make them sing independently. So fun!! But I MUST focus on a disciplined practice to have a secure performance. I have several Goldberg Variations performances in February, and in March. I will perform Beethoven’s 4th concerto pianists’ favorite, just beautiful throughout.

My spring season has so many great music to play. I am happy to be in this situation even though my schedule is so packed between practicing and teaching. The new semester started last week at Occidental College, and I have 32 piano students this semester. I am so grateful that many students would like to study with me. Occidental College is a liberal arts school, not music school, so I have different level of students with diverse goals in music. Let’s have a wonderful spring.