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A Movie “Barbara” 1/7/13

January 10, 2013

“Barbara” is the winner of the Best Director prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, the director Christian Petzold. The story is on the Cold War in East Germany, and the gifted actress Nina Hoss as a Berlin doctor, Barbara, banished to a rural East German hospital as punishment for applying for an exit visa. Hoss does  a great job depicting a quiet, closed and beautiful woman who holds los ot secret. The story moves in the beautiful countryside. As her lover from the West carefully plots her escape, Barbara waits patiently and avoids friendships with her hospital colleagues-except with Andre (Ronald Zehrfeld) the hospital’s head physician. As the movie continues the audience slowly finds her secret and true personality. It is a political thriller-love romance movie. I think it is Germany’s official Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film.