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A Movie “Silver Linings Playbook” 12/25/12

December 26, 2012

I am pretty sure anyone can share some/many portions of this movie, mental disorder, marriage problem, affairs, family tension, loosing job, self-esteem, love, loneliness……. I have had some of those problems in my family, and I can relate with this movie very easily. Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) lost basically everything, his house, his job, and his wife because of his bad temper. So now he is back to his parents house living with them (Jacki Weaver and Robert DeNiro) after spending several months in a state institution. Pat struggles, but he is gradually figuring out his life. He met Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a strange girl with her own problem in Pat’s age, and  eventually they found the purpose together, and fell in love. It is a very good love-comedy, but the ending is too good after horrible struggles and difficulties. Yes, it is a movie, a movie lives in the fantasy world, but it is really not realistic at all. This movie portrays human psychology well, but toward the end the story suddenly becomes too happy. Everything  becomes bright and positive. Acting is great. The story is wonderful. I wish this unrealistic ending can be something else that I can relate with.