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Sir. András Schiff “J. S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II” Concert 10/29/12

October 31, 2012

We heard Sir. Schiff’s WTC Book I last Wednesday, and he performed Book II a week later at Disney Hall. As I was deeply touched and moved by Book I concert, I was more involved by his playing with Book II. The concert started little after 8pm, and with a regular length intermission the concert ended close to 11pm. How can he keep focus during these hours in front of audience?? And how can he enjoy music making as if he saw those preludes and fugues for the first time?? His music was never stiff. We read his comments about the pedal in Bach’s music, and  he did not touch a pedal at all. How can he make such a beautiful legato, singing lines, colors, etc…? Of course, his fingers and body play piano, but the music comes from his mind and soul. I was privileged to meet with Sir. Schiff, and he was so kind to give me a chance to play for him. I chose French Overture. During 1 hour with him, I had an amazing time. It was my life time dream. I did not ask questions much, but he answered my questions from how he played for me or he told me how I should play. Sir. Schiff will come back to LA on April 17 to play six French Suites and French Overture. I had a tremendous time being with J. S. Bach’s music. Sir. Schiff’s concerts on The Well-Tempered Clavier Books I and II are unforgettable.

After studying my recent program of Bach’s music, I have learned so much on Italian and French influences in Bach’s music. I have one Bach concert scheduled in February, and I am thinking to bring back Goldberg Variations. Each variation in Goldberg makes more sense to me now, and I understand Bach’s curiosity in Intalian and French music, and his great craftsmanship to combine them and made it to his own.