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LA Times Article “Cage at 100: His Genius an L. A. Story” by Mark Swed 9/2/12

September 2, 2012

I totally have forgotten 2012 is John Cage’s Centennial. This LA Times article made my Sunday morning joyful and fun. As a musician, I have played John Cage’s music, but I did not know much about his life, especially connection to LA culture life. This is a substantial article (5 pages) about one composer on a newspaper, and it is well written. We can feel Mr. Swed’s personal attachment and affection to Cage. It looks Cage got some of his innovative idea in music when he was in LA. And important relationship to Arnold Schoenberg and Henry Cowell in West Coast.. Personally I love Cowell’s music. Now I am so convinced how John Cage grew into John Cage after reading this article, knowing his creative parents and relatives, and how he spent his youth years. If you are a music lover, you must read this article. If you don’t care about music, you still want to read it.