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Living with J. S. Bach again 6/4/12

June 4, 2012

I have a new project on J. S. Bach’s music for 2012-13 season. This time (if you don’t know my last project was Goldberg Variations.) French Overture and Italian Concerto from Klavierubung 2 (Goldberg is from Klavierubung 4), Partita No. 1 and Aria Variata. I am very excited to live with those 4 pieces, and started to practice them little by little. I chose this program to be cohesive and of course, they are some of my favorite pieces by Bach. Also it is very interesting to see Bach’s international taste, and his skill to combine them into his own style. I will study, practice, and polish them through this summer as well as many other chamber music I will perform next year. Meantime, I am heading to the music camp where I have been teaching and performing for the last 12 years. The summer is so nice to focus on my projects with relaxed setting!