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Schubert: Winterreise D. 911 by Eschenbach and Goerne 4/20/12

April 22, 2012

I love lieder, especially Schubert and Schumann. I was lucky to be introduced those great songs when I was in the Performing Arts High School in Japan. As a piano major, we needed to take Accompaniment Class, and we played many different songs and our teacher sang with us. Last 20 years, I have collaborated with many singers professionally. Eschenbach and Goerne created amazing “Schubert world” in Disney Concert Hall on Wednesday 4/18/12. Goerne wove text with his rich and smooth voice, and Eschenbach provided transparent and thoughtful tone for Winterreise. 2 musicians seemed as if they were at Eschenbach’s music room playing each other. Schubertiad?? I have a strong respect for Eschenbach’s chamber music. I have an interesting anecdote related to Eschenbach. When I was living in Houston, TX, I had a piano trio group, including 2 musicians from Houston Symphony where Eschenbach was a music director, my husband, cello, and our friend, violin. We asked Eschenback to name our piano trio. He took first part of names from us, and named “Ga-Shi-Ga”. We played together until we left Houston. We are in LA and she is in Cleveland.